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There is any bandwidth limitation on the proxies?

There is no bandwidth limit, as all proxies have unlimited bandwidth

Are all Proxies High Anonymous?

Yes, all Proxies are High Anonymous proxies.

When i will get my proxies after payment made?

Payment it’s need to be verified from our Payment gateway which takes some minutes to 48 hours Maximum after that we deliver your order immediately.

What type of proxy is it — HTTP or socks?

All Proxies are HTTP Proxies.

Can you provide proxies in the format ip:port?

Yes, we can bind your IP for authentication.

There is any limitation to use proxies from different locations?

Yes, you can use your proxies under 1 username from maximum 2 locations at a time (it’s not meant that you can just use on those 2 locations you are using it means you can use any 2 locations )